Robert Marsden talks about the application of Houseprice.AI technology

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Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is very much a buzz word right now and quite rightly so. However, to me what’s most important is the application of the technology.

How Houseprice.AI uses this technology

We provide a transparent and objective solution to help people to make some of the very large and important decisions. In the case of home owners probably the largest, most important decision they make in their lives. And, in the case of investors, clearly objective repeatable process is all important.

Why Houseprice.AI?

I have known the founders for many years. In the case of Eldred, over 20 years. He has a good track record of getting businesses off the launchpad, and in the case of Houseprice.AI, it really is in a peer group of one in Europe.

Providing an objective, repeatable and transparent methodology really is transformational in one of the largest asset classes in the world.

Robert Marsden is COO of Houseprice AI. Previously Investment Director with Fidelity Worldwide Investment, he is experienced in all the major asset classes and provides insight with a view to the perspective of users of pricing mortgage backed securities and RMBS style assets. During a 30 year career, he has been with Coal Pension Trustees Services, BlueCrest Capital Management, LLP, Mercer Investment Consulting, NCB and Lombard Odier.
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