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Invest in the Hottest Markets Nationwide

Property investing can be overwhelming — we simplify the process. Horizon distils billions of data points to help you identify emerging markets with steady home appreciation and high rental returns. Each home can then be analysed to determine purchase price and set rent.

Comprehensive value report powered by Houseprice.AI data and analytics

Replace Business Process outsourcing with valuations on demand

Negotiate a favourable purchase price

Once you’ve identified the best neighborhood for your investment, research properties by address and use Horizon’s robust analytics to make an informed offer to your agent.

Set justifiable rents

With 80 million rental listings in the Horizon’s platform, we serve up the most relevant comparable rental properties to help you set rents and confidently justify them to tenants.
Identifying accurate valuations and rent prices can be incredibly resource intensive. Now, with Horizon's data analytics, you will have prompt and direct access to the most accurate data, which helps you to manage your portfolio efficiently and in a way that benefits your residents.

Need Additional Data?

We are here to help with any of your investment needs including data match and append and API solutions.

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