Are you an Agent?

Gain competitive advantage, leveraging professional-grade data used by our surveyor, buyer and investor clients. Our valuations are driven by AI and Bigdata. We have analysed 20 years of home sales and 100s of current data sources to accurately value properties and help your clients understand the “why” behind the home value.

Horizon’s Report

Help Your Clients Make Better Real Estate Decisions


Win Listings and Close More Deals

Win more listings with data-driven knowledge of the market


Reactive Valuation Report

Help Your Clients Make Better Real Estate Decisions


Empower buyers to transact with confidence

Show clients that your own valuations are supported by the latest technology


Stay memorable with past clients

Use our revaluation tool to let your clients know how the value of their property has changed and to keep you first in their minds when they come to sell.


Stand out in a competitive market with 3-year forecasts

Confidently advise your both buyers and sellers of where the property value will be in three years times, backed by machine learning.

Horizon delivers

AI machine learning residential property valuations are fast and more accurate than a traditional AVM.

Horizon values

Horizon values individual properties and delivers area based pricing analyses without increased risk. it includes over-valuation alerts and tools to help with comparables selection.

Horizon reports

Interactive, customised reports that are specifically designed to win you new instruction. The interactive valuation report, and the entire portfolio of valued properties can be instantly revalued at any time and sent to "dead" leads to reignite interest.

Horizon presents

Insight, valuations and an interactive report are all accessed from one dashboard.